Microscopic Star-vader, Majoron


極微の星輝兵 マヨロン Microscopic Star-vader, Majoron
"The shadow of a distorted memory. A tiny tear in the world."
Grade 1 / Star Gate - Link Joker - Cyberoid
Power 7000
Shield 5000
Activate (Rearguard Circle): [Rest this Unit] If your Vanguard is in a “Legion:”, choose up to 1 “Star-vader, Blaster Joker” in your Vanguard Circle, it gains 10000 Power during this turn.

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When You’re Gone [Kai & Aichi]

Took all day, but got it done. My mind shouldn’t be allowed to wander while thinking about painfully pretty piano music. The song works from both perspectives, but as I’m still drowning in Kai-kun feels… yeah… it’s his that it uses. Gomen for the feels.

“When You’re Gone” - Avril Lavigne

Cardfight!! Vanguard (c) Akira Itou, Bushiroad, TV Aichi, etcetc.